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Benefits of Graduate career training program after graduate...

The result may be less desired if you want to rush your career after graduation. You need to be agile and highly ambitious to taste success. Planning and related activities would help you prepare for the most popular career paths. A career training program is a great way to polish your job search techniques. Also, it will help to immerse yourself into the working world, followed by equipping yourself with the necessary skills.

Does career guidance after 10th really live up to the hype?
“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”- Chris Grosser

If you’re creating vague career plans after your 10th, chances are higher that you can fall behind. On top of that, a lack of proper goals can lead you to various uncertainties. It may entail hampering school grades, less confidence, spending too much time on something, etc.

All-inclusive Career Guidance for Secondary School Students to Stay on the Right Path

Imagine a calculator that has helped you to facilitate simple calculations irrespective of the nature of the sums. A tool that saves time by giving the exact results while making you more confident about the outputs.

That’s what you get with career guidance, exclusively curated for your secondary board exam. This career guidance entails career counseling assessments, especially for those who aren’t much confident about themselves, which may have a reflection on the result. However, they still want to score good marks to pursue their future dream successfully. With this guide formulated by career experts, you’re ready to shoot the moon!

This blog will look at what makes this career guide a popular choice. Also, we will make you understand the nitty-gritty of having your persona when setting up your career. If your parents are also concerned about the overall development to date, this career guidance for secondary students will eliminate all the underlying or pre-conceived thoughts.

Training and upskilling - need of the hour
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

I’ve found that employees tend to resist training and upskilling in my line of work. To survive in today's workplace, one must absorb training and upskilling as part of career development.

Learn and practice the art of storytelling to do well in your career !
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

Storytelling has become one of the most popular methods of communication. Marketing and sales professionals are being encouraged to develop a new type of storytelling, which is powerful and objective, while selling and promoting their brands.

Seeking jobs fresh out of college? Do your transferable skills analysis today
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

College graduates should market their transferable skills to catch the attention of potential employers! Lack of self-knowledge is one of the most common issues for college graduates. It is crucial for new graduates to market their transferable skills to prospective employers.

Need to enhance employability skills of new graduates in india !
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

According to the index, more than 60% of employers have difficulty hiring in India, placing it third. Less than 30% of young people getting ready to enter the workforce have the employability skills that employers desire, according to numerous surveys. There is a substantial discrepancy between what employers require and what educational institutions provide.