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Career Assessment Test

An Assessment test is an assessment used to determine a candidate's cognitive ability or personality. They're extremely common in job assessments as they can be used to predict the likelihood of a candidate's success in a job role, whilst eliminating any bias through its standardised administration.

Career Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is a way for employers to assess a candidate's abilities through a variety of different testing formats. Aptitude tests will test your ability to perform tasks and react to situations at work. This includes problem-solving, prioritisation and numerical skills, amongst other things.

Sales Potential Assessment

Specific tests vary, but generally, a sales potential test is a type of job knowledge assessment centering on a given employee's ability to sell effectively in a particular environment.

Leadership Potential Test

The Leadership Potential Test is a comprehensive assessment for measuring leadership potential. The assessment measures an individual's Drivers, Experience, Awareness, Learning agility, Leadership traits, Capacity, and Derailment risks.

Skill for School and Workplace Test

Skill for School and Workplace Test