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Career planning helps to gain better control during career exploration. Also, it plays a pivotal role in preparing yourself if there are any hindrances during your career journey. The roadmap of your career will be smoother than before once you’re in the process of learning new things.

After your 10th, you have to make your decision promptly, without allowing your mind to baffle into some other things. You’re just a few steps away from entering adulthood. Maybe the world around you will change. Likewise, you need to change your plans with the help of expert advice.

Does this sound relevant to you? Get ready to equip yourself with valuable insights that will help to mold your goals accordingly.

Why is proper career planning important after the 10th?

Once you are done with your secondary board exam, it’s time to expand your knowledge. Ultimately, it will help to make informed decisions irrespective of the odd circumstances. Additionally, you will get a transparent idea about how to set up your priorities aligned with your goals. The current educational system has been structured in a way that can help to inculcate conceptual thinking. Therefore, this is a crucial time to curate your goals to make them happen on a positive note. You’re at the right point of maturity, where you can start thinking positively to create an effective action plan. To help you, we have listed a few to-dos. Secure your dream career before you get into some other things!

1. Do identify your interests

Do you love to read arts/science? Which section piques your interest and why? Pen down a list of interests and research accordingly. You may have a keen affinity for reading about historical places or innovations related to physics. Once you identify the interest, you can decide how to sail your boat.

2.Go for your ambitions

Your ambitions are your child, which you need to nurture. It may include the stream you want to pursue after your 10th, co-curricular activities and your studies, and the place you want to live in the future. Following your ambitions also allows you to go that extra mile you need to accomplish your career goals. You may need to complete a few steps, like earning educational certifications, recommendations from your expert, etc. For example, if you want to be a graphic designer, you must complete courses related to graphics and its subsequent lessons.

3. Ask for career advice from experts

You may feel overwhelmed while planning your career. Yes, its true indeed. However, a career guidance coach can help you to go ahead. They may draw the pathway so that you can make the most while following your dreams. Ask the career experts to get insights about your desired career goal. Start and put the destination while making the career map. Additionally, they can also help you to find your weakness and strengths. Work on the weakness and brush up on the strengths to make the most of them.

4.Seek and obtain volunteer ship

Experience will be handy for you when it comes to proving your worth. You can do it in several ways. However, a volunteer ship would be the best option for exploring different aspects within a particular niche/subject. You can also go for internship programs to prepare yourself for the upcoming. It will also boost your CV. Isn’t that great?

5.Identify your skills

Apart from doing every other chore, identify what you’re good at. Take a piece of paper and pen and write down your strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, prepare your following actions. It will be easier for you to hatch up on your next steps. You can go for online tests to get a clear idea.

When should you start?

• After finishing your 10th exam or similar like that • Once you’re passionate about your career and want to pursue your dream • Ready to challenge yourself • Want to take charge of your life • Happy to break the shackles of traditional educational things to explore new aspects

Bottom line

Competency is the core thing that plays an instrumental role in proving your worth. As a student, you need the skills to stand out. To secure career success, you need to emphasize different aspects. At Career Alternative, we do have professional career experts under our belt. To help you with the nitty-gritty, they are always ready to share insights with you. Also, there are handpicked courses made for your growth. Want to make your career a success story? Let us help you!