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Training and Upskilling is something that one needs to imbibe as part of career growth to survive in today’s workplace

Based on my experience in this domain of career development and Training I have often found resistance of employees to Training and upskilling, at work.

The most common reasons for this are:

  • Employees perception

They tend to think that they are not adding value hence training is required or maybe something is lacking in them. It is not looked as something that is required regularly for enhancement of skills, even for people who are high performers.

The solution is to communicate with employees on a regular basis on the ever changing skill landscape. A feedback session on the skill gap is useful. Linking Training and upskilling to Performance Appraisal works well.

  • A high percentage of employees try to find solution through online information available.

Although this is a good practice one needs to do a reality check as well. Training from experts helps as they incorporate real time experience on the subject with realistic, proven examples.

  • Most people think that training's do not teach you anything new. This perception exists because of the mindset , that they know whatever is required to do the job effectively and the training will not add any value

The probable solution would be to have more of project based training's, experiential learning which involves hands on physical and outdoor activity

  • Disinterest in the skill training being imparted .This arises primarily because they have no idea of the skill gap and are compelled to complete the training without having much insight of the need.

One can make them aware of the skill gap and the impact that might have in their career growth can resolve this issue, for which a thorough competency mapping needs to be done by the organisation.

Overall the need of the hour is upskilling and training to counter the rapid change in the business environment