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What is career guidance for secondary school students?

According to Wikipedia, career guidance is a group that helps individuals to face various career challenges. These may entail seeking a helpful course, finding a new job, dealing with redundancy, a career break, etc.

On that note, career guidance may help you to stand tall during your secondary board exam. It would help you to make sound educational choices after your 10th. Also, you will gain better control when better understanding the practical and realistic career options. According to a subject matter expert, “Career guidance has a direct connection with the goals, as it helps to polish a candidate to its maximum extent. The ignited minds are always enthusiastic about learning something new and incorporating it accordingly. So, proper guidance during their secondary board exam will lead them to accomplish their career goals in the next phases.”

For example, Satish is 100% confident about what he will do after his 10th. He wants to be a Graphic Designer. Therefore, proper guidance may help him to choose the right path. It can also be a cornerstone of his career planning.

Importance of career guidance for secondary exams

According to India Today, 93% of Indian students are familiar with just seven career options. However, there are more than 250 job options available in India. Are you aware of the same, or do you need insights to delve deeper?

10th grade is the right stage to set up your plans. If you’re a parent reading this blog, you may be concerned about your child’s career. Not everyone has the same understanding and quality to receive thoughts cohesively. Maybe you are good at arts, and your friend has expertise in science. Career and job skills development can be introduced based on capability.

According to experts, “India has more than 200 career options to offer the candidates. However, most students or their parents aren’t aware of the same. This alarming ignorance wreaks havoc on the career path. As a result, they cannot contest various career-driven programs.”

Here is why career guidance during the secondary exams plays a pivotal role. The entire career guidance process through several professional training programs and workshops will help you accomplish your identified career goals.

1. To choose the right path

While making the decisions before appearing for the board exam, you may feel overwhelmed. However, a perfectly curated career guidance package would help you get the room to play the desired shot. With many packages available in the market, you can choose the one that will fit your bill. You can take the help of an experienced person while picking the best course for you.

2. To hold a respectful and satisfactory lifestyle

Besides adequate job opportunities, career guidance for the board exam can help you attain an influential societal position. It will make you more comfortable, dedicated, and informed. Therefore, you know which tasks you need to perform and when. Your parents will also be happy to see you performing in this way.

3. To boost self-esteem

Self-esteem is interwoven with performance. Improved self-esteem can make you confident and help you stand out. This career guidance can motivate you to make informed decisions. You can aim higher for your 12th board once you successfully incorporate it into your daily routine.

4. To encourage critical thinking skills

Do you want to be a better problem solver? Career guidance would help you to do so. You can plan your educational goals as critical thinking would help bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind. Moving forward, you are ready to hatch up your steps accordingly.

Who benefits from this career guidance program?

● If you’re in class 9th or have already been promoted to 10th. ● If you haven’t decided what subject to follow after the 10th. ● If you’re not confident about your career path. ● If you want to explore more career paths.

We’re here to help you

At Career Alternatives, we believe career guidance would be an investment in yourself. With our career assessment counseling services, you can pursue your dreams. To help you achieve your academic goals is our mission. If you want to celebrate your achievement in the future, join us today. To know more, visit our website today.