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Career Search Program

Career Search Program

Our Career Search program helps you to research options, realize your strengths, acquire new skills, as well as work on a structured approach to make a job change and identify the right Career for you.

Career Search Program Process

Finding your Identity (Self Assessment and Self Awareness):

  • Leadership Assessment and Development Test
  • Overhauling the Resume
  • Professional Linkedin Profile
  • Identifying your profession, function, role , industry and Foundation

Occupational Exploration:

  • Setting your own Benchmarks
  • Establishing the Position; Location; Industry and Compensation
  • Identifying and Setting your Personal Brand

Decision Making and Career Planning:

  • Interpretation of the Target Employer’s perspective
  • Planning your next Career Move based on Self Assessment and Occupational Exploration
  • Selling your Brand

Career Coach:

Human Resource professional with extensive experience in establishing business practices, setting up hiring processes and leading hiring teams for large multinationals. Specialized in Corporate recruitment and selection, behavioral/performance based interviewing, Training and Development; Career Transition and Facilitation. Conducts Employability skills and Career Coaching workshops for different B-schools and Engineering Institutes across the country.

Who Should Attend this Course:

  • Working Professionals

Duration: Based on Requirement / Module

Days of the Week: All Days of the Week

Registration Fee: Based on Requirement / Module

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